Incorporating our love for all things green, has shaped a fresh approach to plant design, for interiors. We love kokedama'ing everything!

The art of Kokedama goes back to the Edo era in Japan. Kokedama translates to 'moss ball' in Japanese and has also been called the 'poor man's bonsai' and 'string garden.' Kokedama is the practice of removing a root system from its container and surrounding it with moss and string. This creates the perfect environment for the plant to thrive. They are created as a reflection of wabi-sabi principles.

Our plant Installations are designed to house our kokedamas in a strikingly visual way, showcasing the plants indoors. The idea originates from the epiphytic staghorn fern. Epiphytic meaning 'living on the surface of plants'. Using locally foraged driftwood and maple sourced from the lower mainland of British Columbia, we individually handcraft a leather pouch onto the medium. Wall mounted, these installations give us a connection to the epiphytic outdoors. They also show the beauty and diversity of different types of wood found in the Pacific North West. We use plants either propagated by ourselves or locally grown.
We design custom orders for both kokedamas and plant installations.
Please specify any preferences when placing an order such as style, leather color and plant type.

Driftwood Plant Installations

Variety of sizes and styles foraged from the Pacific coast.

Modern Plant Installations

Live edge maple and spalted maple from the lower mainland. Small, medium and large sizes available with an assortment of leather colours. 


Tropical, succulent and many indoor plants available.

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