Hi, I'm Amanda Langerak, the designer, owner and obsessive flower gardener of forage & BLOOM, a wedding florist in Vancouver.

To be honest, I have a big crush on flowers. They feel like a part of the fibre of my being. My grandparents were farmers, and my parents avid gardeners and rose connoisseurs.

I have always dreamed in flowers. 

Let me dream for you. Awaken the senses with flowers, painted together by the earth and gathered lovingly for you. Take the time to inhale, and watch a scene come to life, each bud and bloom unique to the earth. A botanical fingerprint.

Share your love through flowers; they are the heart and soul of this land. The earth ripened their seeds and pollinated your food, and the flowers have shone their faces upon us. How could one not begin to smile.

Flowers for the everyday, or a fabulous day.
Flowers as the warmth of a hug, sent with a smile, wrapped with a laugh, and  a whisper of a kiss. 
Let the flowers be our guide.

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I love to teach. It's so much fun to gather together, and create.

The sound of a room focused on art & immersed in flowers, always gives my heart a little extra kick. From Flower-crown making, bridesmaid parties, floral teas, flower arranging for team building events, and private classes; let's work together for an event. I am open to anything.

Seeing everyone's interaction with my beautifully curated flowers, is such a joy! Let's create a magical & memorable time filled with flowers.

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